What Tattoo and Piercings Teach Me About Value

My boo wants to get a haircut and he doesn’t want to go to the usual place he goes at the mall. “It is too expensive there and it’s not worth the wait.”

So I recommend him this place not far from my house. For some reason, even though it is close to my house, we’ve never been there. The place is hidden in the back and we’ve never given it a chance just from the sign on the street.

But today, in our effort to find something that is worth, we decide to give it a try.

The place is very quaint. Walls filled with black and white photography of leaders, movi stars and rock and roll stars. Leather chairs to sit on. Desks made out of old teak woods. The place even smells like cigar. (No, I just made that up). It is down to earth, yet charming.

We see 5 people sitting in the waiting room and ask, “How long is the wait?” The person at the front desk tells us to go ahead and go to the next room. Oh nice, no wait. That’s a plus.

Then there comes this guy, with a hair like Brad Pitt in that movie Fury, body filled with tattoos and piercings everywhere. He has a small stature, but a confident one. Without hesitation he starts working on Berry’s hair.

And let me tell you about Berry. He is one of the most meticulous guy I know on earth. He is so neat that he has a certain place for everything. He is so neat that if he even finds a spec on his glasses, he would wash them. He is so neat that he makes sure he sprays his shoes with shoe-refresher every day. I am not neat at all compared to him. And he just found his match.

Bule, the hairdresser, is the most meticulous guy who has ever cut his hair in his 38 years of life. Not only he really knows what he’s doing with his razor, he really takes his time while using the scissors. Not only he is detailed oriented, he can explain why he cuts his hair a certain way, so that he can comb it easily. He even educates Berry on what to expect when his hair starts growing. Berry is impressed. And it is not easy to get him impressed. The best I get from him from eating a really good food is “Not Bad” and he is wowed by this guy. Bule makes Berry feel comfortable and good. With bright eyes and a big smile, he tells me while Bule is gone retrieving towels, “Damn! He is so meticulous!”

I am so inspired by him. It’s not just being good at what you do or paying attention to the little things, it’s about showing care and passion to other beings. Bule, with his tattos and piercings, has definitely marked a lasting impression on us and pierced our hearts with love. That is value.

Many organizations and businesses struggle in giving value. They keep trying to quantify and measure value through their performances and sales. They think of value by giving a discount or something extra. Everything has to be measured. Yet, like love, trust and purpose, what is hardest to measure gives us the greatest value.

Value is not something that is measured. Value is something that is felt.

Berry gives him the biggest tip he’s ever given a hair dresser. Or a barber. It is 90% of the price of the hair cut. He ends up paying MORE than that place he mentions to be “expensive.” And his is so happy to give it to Bule. So, thank you Bule, for teaching us about value.


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