Aristiwidya is passionate about Learning, Personal Development and Culture.

She believes that people are meant to inspire and empower themselves and one another. This is why she is in people development.

She imagines a world where people wake up every morning feeling inspired and sleep at night feeling fulfilled. When asked what job really is, it is “to awaken and nurture the light in each human being she encounters.” Even in herself.

She helps leaders to become better. She helps human beings unleash their inner light. She helps organizations create the environment to nurture such growth – to become an Emotionally Intelligent organization. Learn more about her project to help Indonesians live a life they love at www.theUnlearn.com.

For the past 10 years, she has been an infectious facilitator, trainer and consultant mostly in the field of people development and culture, the two field that empower learning and growth, both for individual and organizations.

With expertise in Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence and development of Corporate Culture, she has worked closely with over 50 organizations in multiple industries with all levels. She makes sure she injects fun in learning fundamentals. This is why she has been a loving mentor for her peers all her life; a person to go to when one has a question.

Connect with her via twitter or linkedin to share your ideas about life and leadership.

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  • How Emotional Intelligence helps us be a better leader
  • How to design a comprehensive and effective Leadership Development Program
  • How to nurture an Emotionally Intelligent Culture in your organization
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